RdL is very well known for its Emerging Leader Program, an RdL initiative, has been very successful implemented within Australia, Thailand, Fiji, Japan, Solomon Islands, Senegal, Thailand, The Netherlands, Timor Leste, Samoa, Tonga, Nauru, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea and has created significant behavioural change in the attendees following participation.

The program is unlike any other being delivered and focuses heavily on ensuring behavioural change. The behavioural change is encouraged through one on one coaching sessions where individual goals and objectives are set for each person.

In addition to the face to face training and coaching, the participants will also be heavily involved in team building activities, strategic planning and culture change activities.

The strategic planning and culture change activities are targeted at delivering a number of behavioural changes;

  • increase the ability to present to senior management,
  • focus attention on strategic initiatives rather than just daily operations,
  • establish a close team bond and,
  • increase the return on investment.

To support all participants, RdL also offers each participant access to a 24/7 Leadership Helpline for a period of 12 months post completion of the training program.