RdL is passionate about making a difference through the development of others.

We approach the development of people in a way that is significantly different to other providers, and we measure our success not on attendance, but on the behavioural difference we make to the people we partner with.

Our focus is on changing the behaviours and mindset of the individuals to deliver both personal and professional growth and thereby transforming people’s lives. We assist the people we partner with to adapt behaviour patterns from problem focused to solution focused in their thinking and actions.

We partner with our clients to understand their needs, help them discover unfound opportunities, and to then aid in defining and executing the plan to deliver excellence.

We have a proven track record of improving company financial results through the development of people’s leadership capability and the workplace culture.

  • 20 years coaching experience, with varying levels of management.
  • Formal coaching qualifications.
  • Partners with both the participant and the company.
  • Focus on innovation and strategic thinking as a leader.
  • Success measured by behavioural change, not attendance.
  • Personal development activities following each coaching session.
  • Provides shadow coaching.
  • Facilitates participant accountability.
  • Experienced using several behavioural modelling tools.
  • Free leadership helpline.

Leadership development is also about an individual’s commitment for personal growth and development. RdL facilitates this by allocating self-development activities that the individual is required to conduct in their own time. This can be work allocated time (ideal scenario) or, if they choose, they may wish to conduct the activities in their personal time.