RdL was founded in 2005 by Robert de Loryn, a human resource and commercial law qualified professional, who whilst working with multi nationals throughout his career had identified a significant deficiency in leadership abilities across many industries.

It was this deficiency that inspired the launch of RdL and its strategic initiatives to grow and develop existing and future leaders.

What he witnessed has been given the nick name by others as ‘Pale, male, and stale leadership thinking”, something that Robert knew needed to change.

RdLMC Founder, Robert de Loryn

RdL Management Consultants have been operating as leadership development specialists and have facilitated to, and coached, well over 1,200 current or emerging leaders from Directors, Executives and Chairs to newly appointed leaders.

We approach the development of people in a way that is significantly different to other providers. We measure our success on the difference we make to the people we partner with and their sustainable behavioural change.

RdL partners with clients globally, and have had great success in developing individual leaders, and their teams, to improve overall operational effectiveness by transforming people’s lives through personal growth and development.

We believe, one of the key contributors to RdL’s success, is understanding that leadership development is not something that can be learned through attending classroom facilitated sessions alone, it must be accompanied with one-to-one coaching and guiding to assist the person in transferring knowledge into sustainable behaviours.


2006 – RdL started trading
2007 – RdL registered with Australian Security and Investment Commission
2007 – RdL commenced its first international contract in Papua New Guinea
2009 – RdL commences their Board representation on 7 boards
2010 – RdL developed and launched MyHR and MySafety
2010 – RdL expands into the Pacific Islands

2014 – RdL expands into Timor Leste
2014 – RdL hires its first international consultant
2014 – RdL expands into Asia
2014 – RdL is registered with the National Training Council of PNG
2015 – RdL award their first mining contract
2016 – RdL expands into West Africa and Europe
2016 – RdL launches its new branding at their conference in Thailand

2017 – RdL launches into Agribusiness
2017 – RdL launches Motivate Me
2017 – RdL commences international guest speaking
2018 – RdL partners with the government of Papua New Guinea
2019 – RdL has their most successful year to date
2020 – RdL trademarks their logo
2021 – RdL partners with the Australian Government
2023 – RdL secures significant airline contract for customer experience training and leadership development