Change is a journey and is forever with us.

One of the most effective leaders I ever knew started every meeting asking his team how they found the blueberries.

Not only was it one of the weirdest questions I ever heard, when he told me what it meant it changed my entire view of leadership.

He said most teams started the day talking about challenges and problems.

He said if you and I were hunters and gatherers and you had just found a bunch of blueberries to bring to the pack, the first question I wouldn’t ask you is what did you do wrong.

He said for our pack to survive we need to know everything about what you did well, what strength you use, and how you found them without getting killed.

He said the more every person on my team understands how we’re successful, the more likely we are to survive.

Our Courses

RdL transforms people’s lives through growth, development, and self-awareness. Our courses are just one of the ways we help our clients reach their full potential as a person and as a leader. We approach the development of people in a way that is significantly different to other providers and tailor all of our programs to suit our clients’ specific needs. We are passionate about what we do and how we help people become the best version of themselves through our courses.

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Client Case Studies

Over the years, RdL has had many success stories with their clients. Below we have listed just a few for you to reflect on. We would be more than happy to share more success stories with you in person when the time is right for you.

The Process

1. Meet & Agree
Meet with the key decision makers to define the scope of work.
2. Get To Know Your Business & People
Take the time to understand the business, its people, and any challenges.
3. Develop A Tailored Solution
Develop a tailored solution that meets, or exceeds, our clients’ expectations.
4. Deliver Behavioural Change
Create behavioural change through a process that best suits the client and their people.
5. Follow Up Support
Provide ongoing support following the formal completion of the program.

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