About Us

About Us

Results Driven Leadership

RdL’s goal is to partner with you to make a difference to your business through streamlining operations & transforming your people to improve overall business results.

Our key focus is to create a partnership where RdL builds a solid understanding of you, your operation and your people (Start of the journey) and then proceeds to develop a unique solution (Travelling), that when implemented creates a culture of results driven leadership (Destination).

RdL brings with it 3 significant points of difference in the way it works;

  1. We partner with you to achieve results well after completion of our programs (You can travel alone)
  2. We deliver significant ROI through the implementation of strategic initiatives (You have the tools to develop your own itinerary)
  3. We deliver a continued leadership support program that encourages long term behavioral change

RdL and World Vision International - Together we make a difference

Our Benefits

Leadership Team


Robert De Loryn

Managing Director & Founder

Robert founded RdL in 2005. Prior to RdL, he held executive change management and human resources positions across a number of industries.

Robert has worked within many commercial, government and NGO sectors to develop internal capabilities, establish strategic plans and work towards assisting the clients achieving their company goals. He has partnered with clients in Australia, Europe, Africa, PNG, Solomon Islands, Japan, Fiji, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, USA, and Malaysia

Our Consultants


Stuart Campbell


Michelle Exton


David Macindoe