Work Behaviour Modelling

Work Behaviour Modelling

How We Make A Difference For You

Have you ever wondered why it is easier to travel with some people than others?

RdL can help you understand what traveller you are, what your natural tendencies are, and how to reach your destination whist improving overall relationships.

We assess individuals and teams and then facilitate workshops to help people understand how to develop relationships for the betterment of all travellers and your company results.

The tools we use are extremely powerful and we have used them in 11 countries and have enabled significant behavioural change in the participants. The tools and language used become a part of everyday conversation within the company and significantly improves the overall workplace relations that are required in order for businesses to be successful

Robert has also embarked on a Leadership development program that extends learning over a 12 month period. It has to date assisted our management and team leaders to come together in work teams and to better understand the qualities required of leaders in todays work environment and at the same time deliver real benefits to the business.

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