RdL takes a very personal approach to the development of leaders, and as such, we customise the solution for each specific individual that participates in the coaching and leadership development. No two people are the same, therefore, no two approaches should be the same.

RdL is a strong believer in behavioural modelling tools and is accredited in MBTI, ACER and DiSC. RdL uses these profiles to assist in better understand the person’s strengths and challenges, along with their natural behavioural tendencies.

RdL does not see themselves as an external party coming into a client’s premises, but as a business partner that will work in collaboration to develop a solid understanding of the operational and leadership challenges, and then customise the coaching and leadership outcomes to drive success, not only for the individual but for the company and its people.

We pride our success on building trust, co-operation, and open communication with both the client and the individuals undertaking the program.

In addition, RdL commits to a dedicated level of collaboration to all its clients and their participants by providing additional services at no charge such as access to a helpline and follow up calls to each participant.

Our Process

1. Meet & Agree
Here we meet with our client, listen to what they have to share, question and build an understanding of how RdL can make a difference to their business. Following our meetings, we confirm with the CEO, Board or Executive Team the direction the company needs to take in order to make a difference to the future direction of the company.
2. Get To Know Your Business
The RdL Team partner with our clients to gain an understanding of their business, their people, their workplace culture and to understand the difference RdL can make to their operation. We meet with people at all levels so we get a balance perspective of the entire operation and proceed to develop a solution that meets the needs of our clients.
3. Develop Solutions
Here we focus on building a solution that not only takes into account all company factors but also considers the cultural impact the solutions may have on the company. The key focus in this stage is to develop a customised solution that exceeds your expectations as a client to deliver on your goals.
4. Implement Solutions
At this stage the RdL team either partner with the local management team or team members to implement the agree solution. The measure of success is not whether we transfer the solution but on how much change is implemented as a result of the scope of works. RdL measure their success on the sustainable behavioural change and how it increases both top line and bottom line results.
5. Monitor & Hand Over
This stage is all about passing the content, tools, and intellectual property across to the client so that they can sustain the improved performance well after the RdL Team have moved on. The key for RdL is to ensure the client is extremely successful well after RdL has completed their formal partnership.