One of the world’s largest breweries contacted RdL to discuss a cultural change initiative they wanted to implement. 

For two years the company had been endeavouring to engage and educate employees about company culture and values, however, there had been no significant change. 

RdL was engaged and suggested an initiative, rather than punish non-performers, reward good performers. Employees needed to earn three ticks during the week, then they are invited to attend end of week drinks.

RdL went on to share that people focusing on poor performance drives a negative and declining culture.

Whereas when people are looking to achieve a tick (positive reinforcement), people go over and above to get the reward.

When one person is recognised by their leader, others will copy that same behaviour in a hope that they get a tick also.

This incentive was successfully introduced.

It demonstrates one of the many workplace initiatives that RdL introduce into workplaces which assist in driving continual workplace culture growth and sustainable change. 

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