RdL has been involved in developing and facilitating leadership development programs as well as assisting in the development of strategic plans and corporate visions for clients for over 30 years both in Australia and overseas.

RdL prides itself on creating innovative solutions taking into account all previous experience and listening to their clients, to gain an understanding of their specific needs.

RdL customises programs for each client, and as such has vast experience in writing and facilitating high quality leadership programs, developing innovative strategic plans, and customising business solutions that make a positive impact on the financial results of the company.

RdL has facilitated programs in Australia, The Netherlands, Fiji, Japan, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Thailand, Senegal, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea and has created significant behavioural change with the clients they have engaged with.

RdL strives to maximise the behavioural change for each client and as such looks at the most effective way to implement the program.

RdL programs are unlike any other being delivered and focuses heavily on customisation and ensuring sustainable behavioural change.

The behavioural change is encouraged through one-on-one executive coaching sessions for each leader where individual goals and objectives are set. The aim of the executive coaching is to support the learning experience and ensure there is behavioural change.