Risk and Opportunity Assessment

Risk and Opportunity Assessment

How We Make A Difference For You

Excess baggage is costly and inefficient when travelling. RdL partners with you to build a solid understanding of your operation, financials, the market place, competitors, workplace culture, and your people.

We then provide you with a comprehensive report and possible solutions that you may choose to implement internally or otherwise partner with the RdL team to have your business solutions implemented before being handed over to the local management.

These can include but not be limited to;

    • Strategic Retreats
      We lead the team to think strategically about the business, challenge the current mindset and together develop a strategic plan that will drive future success for the business.
    • Change Management
      Following consultation and workplace reviews, we partner with the team to develop and implement change solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.
    • Performance Management and Employee Incentive Programs
      After developing an understanding of each aspect of your business, we create a solution that will drive performance improvement, team culture, and improved relationships. The solution ultimately becomes cost neutral through savings in operational costs and increased productivity.
    • Culture Change Programs
      We firstly gain an understanding of the cultural issues through a series of workshops and 1 on 1’s. Once understood we share our findings with you as CEO or the Leadership team before commencing the development of a suitable solution that is owned and managed by your people.

If you are looking for a company that can recruit, reshape or refresh your human capital and get the business traveling in the intended direction, RDL are the right choice for you, I highly recommend Robert and his team and would not hesitate to you them again.

General Manager Sales and Marketing

Trukai Industries and Goodman Fielder