Master Planning

Master Planning

How We Make A Difference For You

We partner with you to understand and identify the risks and opportunities that may exist within the company. Once finalised we partner with selected working groups to implement solutions that increase bottom line results whilst improving operational efficiency and workplace culture.

Master planning is a critical short coming of many organisations. RdL partner with you yet take a lead role is assisting you in bringing to the surface the operational issues causing strategic short falls.

We partner with people from all levels of the organisation, identify the biggest issues needing attention then prioritise them in order of greatest benefit for you.

Once prioritised, we assist in selecting and partnering with the teams to write the SMART objective, research reasons (root cause) for the issues, identify possible solutions, seek approval for the proposed solution then implement and monitor the improved results.

All results are presented back to CEO and Board level so the benefits can be appreciated and the team celebrate their success.

Robert has also embarked on a Leadership development program that extends learning over a 12 month period. It has to date assisted our management and team leaders to come together in work teams and to better understand the qualities required of leaders in todays work environment and at the same time deliver real benefits to the business.

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