Group Traveller

Group Traveller

Relationships and Familiarity

I enjoy travelling with close friends I can share my experiences with. I am also interested in the experience of my fellow Travellers. I am happy when everyone is enjoying themselves and I try to make that happen whenever possible. I will also be flexible in how I behave to avoid conflict. I enjoy going places that are familiar and where I know the people and they know me.

As group member I don’t go looking to change things. I like tradition and harmony. Change management processes are about people and changes usually occur at the expense of social cohesion, our care for each other and the comfortable working environment that we have built up.

My weakness is that I am not comfortable with change, and my blind spot is that I can be overly protective of my plans, ideas and my relationships. Organisations find themselves in turbulent times and change is constant. Versatility and flexibility are required to succeed.

RdL helps guide group travellers to move out of familiar environments yet feel safe doing so. We work with them to answer the following question: how can you grow and change yet still feel that sense of security and comfort while maintaining peace and harmony amongst the people?

I have been involved in 3 RdL Executive Leadership programs in the Pacific, Solomon Islands and most recently Senegal.  The effect on my team and on myself has been significant. Our organization would not be as effective without these programs.

Andrew Catford

National Director of World Vision Senegal in West Africa