Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

How We Make A Difference For You

At times you may find yourself with people on board that are not quite fitting in. Rather than dump the travellers, RdL can partner with them to assist them in understanding the journey, but more importantly the destination.

At times within a company there may be a slight disconnect between a company’s goals and a personal goals of one of the team.

Many organisations would exit this person as they do not fit, however the person may have a lot of value to add to the company.

We see our role as that of their personal development coach to assist them in seeing the direction the company is wanting to take them on. Your people are coached to help them understand their personal journey and destination and how this may differ from the Company’s.

Through the process of 1 on 1’s, where trust and respect is earned, the individuals discover the role they must play to ensure both they and the company reach their destination.

At times, this coaching journey may result in an exit from the company as the individual acknowledges they do not want to be a part of the journey going forward and this is okay.

We help the attendees understand what needs to be taken on the journey and what must be left behind in order for them to be successful leaders. We support their journey through effective 1 on 1 Personal Development Coaching. This coaching is one of the key points of difference as we work with individuals to create sustainable behavioural leadership change. NP – In addition to the personal development coaching we offer all participants and the company’s leadership team access to the RdL 24/7 Leadership Helpline where we offer free guidance and coaching on a needs basis.

RDL has been a major force behind our companies efforts to build a new customer service culture in our Business. The combination of International Best Practice with local practical knowledge provides a solid and sustainable basis from which to work. Our staff look forward to working with Robert.

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