Our Partnership Journey


Right People - Right Jobs

The client approached RdL after a piece of work had been completed by a third party without the third party taking any time to understand the client or the culture of the company or country.

As a result of this work, job grades for nearly all position were incorrectly graded costing the client significantly.

RdL’s approach was to interview employees, understand the work they did, what the company wanted them to do, create correct position descriptions and graded both roles. As a result the company could see the difference between the actual role and required role.

RdL gave the company the tools and knowledge to make the correct decision of people in the right roles and also to ensure people were paid the correct salary for the role they were performing.

The result for the company as a result of this project was savings in excess of $250,000 per annum.

If you are looking for a company that can recruit, reshape or refresh your human capital and get the business traveling in the intended direction, RDL are the right choice for you, I highly recommend Robert and his team and would not hesitate to you them again.

General Manager Sales and Marketing
Trukai Industries and Goodman Fielder