Our Partnership Journey


Getting Pay and Rewards Right

RdL was engaged to address a number of performance issues within the company.

Following a Risk and Opportunity assessment and through discussion with the CEO, 2 key issues were identified.

1. There was no consistency in the salary pay system RdL went about understanding the roles within the company and completed a job grading and salary table project to ensure people were paid for the role they performed.

Not only did this add clarity for all employees, it also improved the transparency of succession planning within the company. Employees knew what was required to not only increase their opportunity for promotion but also to increase their salary.

2. Departments worked in isolation
RdL developed a reward and recognition system for the entire operation. To break down the silo’s, RdL started by establishing a series of Go / No Go gates that the company and all teams needed to achieve before the reward gate opened.

This approach meant that everyone had to work together to ensure the company achieved its targets before any department was eligible for a reward.

The system then cascaded down with a focus on internal customer focus and results.

The system was successfully implemented and made a significant difference to internal relationships and company results through a reduction on out of stocks and also an increase in productivity.

If you are looking for a company that can recruit, reshape or refresh your human capital and get the business traveling in the intended direction, RDL are the right choice for you, I highly recommend Robert and his team and would not hesitate to you them again.

General Manager Sales and Marketing
Trukai Industries and Goodman Fielder