Our Partnership Journey


Cash Flow is King

As a result of the Emerging Leader Program and through a Risk and Opportunity review, one project team agreed to take on the challenge of aged and obsolete stock.

They identified a number of remedies and following sign off from the Management Team proceeded to implement the initiatives across the country.

As a result of their initiatives, they reduced aged and obsolete stock by over 65% increasing cash flow by over $15m in a 2 month period.

Another team identified an issue with the way that the payroll system recorded and reported on absenteeism.

As a result of this finding, absenteeism when recorded accurately rose by over 11%, not in increased absence but in better recording.

The team then proceeded to develop and implement new policies and procedures resulting in an overall reduction in absenteeism by over 50%. This resulted in savings for the company over $3.5m annually in sick leave payments but also increased company productivity by having the equivalent of 100 full time employees back at work on an daily basis.

If you are looking for a company that can recruit, reshape or refresh your human capital and get the business traveling in the intended direction, RDL are the right choice for you, I highly recommend Robert and his team and would not hesitate to you them again.

General Manager Sales and Marketing
Trukai Industries and Goodman Fielder