Our Partnership Journey


Save over $12m a Year

RdL was contacted by the client to facilitate the well regarded Emerging Leader Program for their top 25 leaders.

Week one of the program assigns Risk and Opportunity initiatives to the participants to identify root causes of issues, research solutions, implement and then monitor and track progress to evaluate the ROI.

One of the project teams decided to review work place practices to reduce expenses thus increasing profits. The project continues to be implemented but for an outlay as little as $250,000 it appears the company will save in excess of $12m per annum.

In addition to this specific project, one of the leader participants identified an area for efficiencies through his one on one Results Coaching.

He is solely taking responsibility to implement process changes in the operation that will increase productivity by 25% over a group of 1,000 team members

If you are looking for a company that can recruit, reshape or refresh your human capital and get the business traveling in the intended direction, RDL are the right choice for you, I highly recommend Robert and his team and would not hesitate to you them again.

General Manager Sales and Marketing
Trukai Industries and Goodman Fielder