Bolstering middle managers’ capabilities needs to be a key priority for organisations if they want to reap the rewards of efficiency gains and an improved workplace culture.

Effective middle managers are able to reduce friction points, accelerate solutions, create a harmonious workplace, and help an organisation achieve its goals.

We often invest in our executives and neglect the people that make the real difference assuming they know what they are doing.

The middle managers are often promoted from within, have amazing technical knowledge but little leadership capability as no one has invested in them, leading to them having to do longer than expected days and taking on far too much operational responsibility.

We often underestimate the impact middle managers have throughout the organisation in both operational excellence and creating a workplace where people want to show up each day.

We overlook middle management development because of the fear associated with taking them away from their role for a period of time – “Who will do the work if they don’t”.

This short sighted approach leads to long term compromise for the company – poor culture, reduced profits and middle manager burnout.

One of the best approaches to take for middle management development is to provide them the training they need when they need it. For example, train, coach and guide them in conducting performance appraisals and having tough conversations when they need to do their employee appraisals.

In addition to formal training, another significant development opportunity is to provide the middle manager with on the job coaching. This means they are not taken from their role but rather coached and given education and support as they perform their operational activity. This combined is intensive Masterclasses could lead to significant leadership development and sustainable behavioural change, not just of the middle manager but all the people they interact with.

When the executives trust that investing in their middle managers will bring significant return, there will be a shift in how organisations see, and invest in the development of their middle managers.

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