By applying some of these simple tips, you may find your daily productivity naturally increases making work a more pleasurable place to be whilst increasing the time you have to spend with family and friends.


  1. Set certain times when you will check email.
  2. Load an auto reply stating you only check emails at these times and if the matter is urgent to call your office or mobile.
  3. Turn off email when outside of these times.


  1. Ensure every meeting has a clearly defined agenda and purpose.
  2. If there is no agenda or purpose, speak to the chairperson and ask why you need to be involved.
  3. Do not always accept meeting requests.
  4. What is the best use of your time.
  5. Every meeting should follow the 3D’s Discuss, debate, and decide.

Diary management

  1. Allocate white space (free time) during each day.
  2. Schedule your activity to deliver quality outcomes.
  3. Do not allow double booking.

Mobile phone

  1. Only take work related calls unless it is an emergency.
  2. Avoid using Apps that are not work related
  3. Turn off notifications while at work so you are not distracted by personal matters

Work location

  1. Within reason, find a work location that increases your productivity
  2. Know your productivity peaks and troughs and use these windows of opportunity.
  3. Know your distraction peaks and troughs and manage your workload around them.

Utilise AI

  1. It may assist you in refocusing.
  2. It may improve your productivity.
  3. It may assist in innovative solutions.