Globally we continue to be faced with severe talent shortages and it is the organisations that nurture an internal talent pipeline that continue to grow above their competitors.

These successful organisations have created a workplace culture of continuous learning and development. If we have the right people on board, that means the right attitude, commitment, loyalty, respect, and mindset, then we are 75% of the way to creating success.

We can always teach skills, but it is very difficult to change people’s mindset and attitude.

Over the past years, most organisations have grappled with a scarcity of quality talent and leadership capability and looked to the external market to fill the void, only to realise it does not always deliver the expected results.

The reality is that some of the best talent is already within the organisation, it is just untapped.

If you plan on being the best in your industry you must start taking action to tackle the skills shortage.

Start simply by identifying and realising the full potential of each and every member of the team. Speak with them to better understand their personal objectives, their hidden talents, and their aspirations within the company.

Yes, it does take time but if you do this well you start to build a talent pipeline that may be significantly deeper than you think.

Many of our current leaders started in junior positions with the company. They showed excellence in their work and were then promoted to a leader. The factor we do not take into account is that the skills to deliver very well operationally are very different to the skills needed as a leader.

Continuous learning and leadership development does not always have to cost the earth, if you have the right people within the company, simply given them time for self development and the opportunity to step up into more challenging roles with the right support around them is all that is needed.

Often a coaching program can assist these people untap the leader within, and they grow to be outstanding examples of what quality leadership is all about. Professional coaches assist the person build their self belief, confidence, communication skills, and most importantly a vision and the strategy for self development.

It is important to capture all the development and coaching programs and results within the company so you can monitor effectiveness, growth, and departmental and company performance.

Measures of success include how many management positions are being filled via internal candidates and promotions.

Another critical measure of success is the job satisfaction levels. Recognising your people’s personal values and understanding how they can align with the organisations values, then tapping into them to motivate your people to progress and succeed within the organisation, makes them feel part of something bigger.

An organisation’s culture of continuous learning will contribute to some inspiring success stories that indirectly lead to an alternative form of marketing leading to profit growth, something all our shareholders want from us.

Skill building builds more than just skills.