“It was not my fault”, “I thought that was good enough”, “Does it really matter”, are all phrases from people and it was their choice to make the comments.

We have been delivering customer service training to an international airline and through the program we continue to share with the participants a little model that is so simple yet so important.

As individuals, we are all responsible for our attitudes. Your people need to know that you are predictable in your attitude and behaviours day after day. There is no room for a moody leader one day and then a relaxed and curious leader the next.

The model pictured below shares the following.

I am responsible for My Attitude and My Attitude impacts My Behaviours and My Behaviours impact my Results and My Results impact My Attitude, and so the circle continues.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our family, our colleagues, our company, and most importantly our passengers, or as we like to refer to them as, our guests.

We all have challenges in our lives both professionally and personally, but others do not need to know about them.

When we wake each day we make a choice, and that choice is, “What will my attitude to life be like today”. From that very moment we create an outlook of how our day will unfold and we only have one person to hold accountable – ourselves.

Let me share a story of Disneyland with you. Disneyland is a 2 storey theme part. The top level we all see and experience as we visit the theme park. What few of us know is that below ground is a complete second level where staff get ready for their day, enjoy a meal, and prepare for their shift.

When the staff member who is playing Mickey Mouse puts on their costume, they must play the character from that second on. No matter if they are down below or in the eyes of the public.

The person chooses to play Mickey Mouse in all that they do whether people are watching or not.

We need to have the same approach to life as we wake each day. As you open your eyes, choose your attitude and play the character whether people are watching or not and be the leader your people are craving for.

Our attitude is our choice and our choice impacts our behaviours and our behaviours impact the results we achieve. Do you want to be a person who delivers outstanding results? If so then choose the right attitude.

Have an amazing day.