As leaders, we often overlook the simplistic approach to getting the best out of our people.

We over complicate what is easy, develop and enforce out-dated systems and processes and expect our people to be motivated and inspired to deliver.

Here are some simple reminders for those leaders who want to stand out from the crowd as the leaders of the future.

  1. Time is what each employee has to dedicate to productive work daily and to making a real difference to the delivery of goals for the company. As leaders, we must ensure that the valuable time our people have to offer is not wasted in unnecessary meetings, excessive emails, or other bureaucratic processes.
  2. Talent is what each worker brings to their job and the underlying reason we hired them in the first place. How that talent is led, teamed, and utilised is a direct reflection of the leader. Great leaders inspire and encourage growth and new thinking and fully utilising the talent of each and every member of their team.
  3. Passion and energy is how much each employee is prepared to invest in their work and contribute to the success of the company. Once again this directly relates to how they are led and whether their leader has earnt respect and built a loyal team of dedicated and passionate workers.
  4. Managing the time, talent and passion of your team is only going to benefit them, you, and the company if this remains a key focus in the longer term. It is about creating sustainable behavioural change where the mindset of the individual is correct and they have intrinsic motivation to remain focused and deliver excellence.

It follows, that to deliver quality results faster means minimising wasted time and keeping your people focused.

Great leaders have an uncanny ability to subconsciously bring their people on the journey of growth and deliver excellence with their team and in all that they do.