I often coach potential great leaders only to hear of their controlling bosses who perhaps fear their jobs because of the great qualities of their people.

Old school leaders often fear their jobs when they are surrounded by intelligent people who have a willingness, and passion to help their boss, and the company succeed.

The trouble is the boss sees this as a threat and not an opportunity.

The boss chooses to micro manage their people as a controlling measure to secure their own future.

The right way to go about this is quite simple. Rather than be threatened by these willing team members who have great ideas for change and growth, nurture them.

Help them rediscover their circle of safety so they feel secure in sharing ideas with you as their boss. Ask them questions, help them discover their full potential and then encourage and support them outside their comfort zones to help them deliver executional excellence.

A great leader must learn to be the last to speak and treasure their people like any other critical asset of a successful company.

They guide, coach, and encourage their people to share ideas, willingly contribute, and help the team deliver beyond what is naturally expected of them.

Great leaders encourage and create great leaders and are not threatened by the potential success of others.

What can you do differently as a great leader to help drive executional excellence?