You may ask yourself why a management development coach is writing about electricity.

I often use electricity, well at least the terminology of electricity, when coaching and guiding others.

I liken electricity to the emotions of a person.

Just as you can not see electricity, you can not see the emotions of a person.

We can tell if there is electricity as the lights will come on or the kettle will boil, just as we can see if a person is affected by an emotional issue by changes in their behaviours.

Just as electricity is dangerous if not well managed, so are negative emotions of our people.

A great leader is so aware of the natural behaviours of their people that they can sense, feel, or see the difference in behaviours of their people as soon as it happens.

They then engage their emotional intelligence and leadership qualities and guide and support their team member through their issue and return them to their natural state of engagement.

This is what great leaders do. They are like the parents of their workers. Just like we would help our own children through issues at home, we help our team members through their issues at work so they deliver excellence.

Electricity can be a significant asset to us in society, just as our people can be a huge asset to us in the workplace.

As a great leader, nurture your power to bring out the best in your people.