Air Niugini is Papua New Guinea’s national airline, and it is hoped with the work that RdL has planned with them, combined with the solid commitment of Gary Seddon, the Board, and the leadership team, it will soon be recognised as one of the leading airlines in the Pacific Region.

RdL has been awarded an opportunity to make a difference to the team at Air Niugini through the development and facilitation of two significant programs.

Firstly RdL will embark on launching the Emerging Leaders Program to 70 of the airlines existing and potential leaders. This program is an RdL initiative that has been facilitated in 15 countries and will grow and develop the leaders within Air Niugini.

The program is unlike any other being delivered and focuses heavily on ensuring behavioural change. The behavioural change is encouraged through one on one coaching sessions where individual goals and objectives are set for each person. The aim of the executive coaching is to support the learning experience and ensure there is behavioural change implemented within the workplace.

Secondly we will spearhead a customer experience program that has been tailored to the airline and will feature 13 modules that will be accompanied by 3 sets of On the Job Coaching for all departments within the company.

RdL met with and interviewed over 80 staff members to understand the successful competencies required to make a difference to the people, the company and most importantly their customers.

These are exciting times for Air Niugini and RdL as we partner with each other to transform the lives of the people through growth and development.