Delivering profits cannot be achieved without the dedicated efforts of your people.

The best machines, technology, tools, or equipment, without people, deliver very little.

To get the most out of your people, you need an amazing CEO/Leader that stays in touch with what is happening in the real world of their business. They stay connected with their people and see this as an investment and not a cost, challenge, or distraction.

Many CEO’s have not only lost touch with their people but continue to use old school leadership techniques that are obsolete.

They have failed to grow with the demands of their people. They have not continually reflected and engaged with their people to better understand what style of leadership delivers the best returns for them and inspires their people to delivery over and above just the core deliverables.

It is only when the CEO sees their people as an asset that they will invest in themselves to grow and develop as a leader so they can deliver in line with the expectations of their people, their Board, and the company as a whole.

RdL have partnered with clients where the CEO is so disconnected from the reality of the business and the people that the business continues a downward spiral towards failure.

The worse the company and the people perform, the more the CEO draws on old school management techniques to drive change.

Behaviours such as

  • telling people what to do – creating the human robot,
  • making threats to employees,
  • issuing warnings,
  • Micro managing the people,
  • Getting involved in activity that is well below their responsibility,
  • Damaging the workplace culture,
  • Creating an environment of fear and limitation.

A wise CEO will see their people as human capital that has the potential to deliver significant growth and profitability for the company with solid guidance and leadership from a visionary CEO who has no fear.

The article below from Harvard shares another perspective.