Being an executive, and life coach is all about helping people be at their best both professionally and personally on a sustainable basis.

I am often called in by organisations to assist and coach employees that are either on a Performance Improvement Plan, (PIP) or at a minimum, are under performing.

It is easy to blame the employee, or the junior leader for failing to deliver, and this is usually the first port of call for many, however, does this truly reflect what is happening?

I am a true believer in the saying, “There is no such thing as a bad team, only bad leaders”. Yes, I know this is controversial, but it rings true in so many of the cases I have experienced as a senior coach.

In recent coaching engagements, I have been called in to assist underperforming leaders.

As is the case with my coaching approach, I first build trust and understanding of the person – what makes them who they are today?

I then further discover their strengths and what is holding them back, before partnering with them to discover how they can use their strengths to build their career.

The one common path these people have, is that they have been promoted to a leadership position, thrown in the deep end, from being an amazing technical expert, into a field they have little or no skill with (leading people) and have largely only had bad leadership experiences to reflect on.

My role as their coach is to rebuild the self-belief and confidence in them, so their natural strengths begin to shine once again, and assist them in their personal and professional development.

When the person feels respected and trusted, they show a dedication and commitment that reflects in a shift in mindset.

People who feel appreciated, give their blood, sweat, and tears back to their leader, and introduce innovation and growth, not only for themselves, but through their team and for the company as a whole.

Efficiencies begin to skyrocket, profitability grows, workplace culture improves, and the feeling of appreciation flows to all levels of the company.

Imagine working in a workplace where every employee is given quality guidance and support from their leader, and in return the company delivers excellence through motivated and engaged employees.

What experiences do you have to share about poor leadership resulting in employees delivering less than their full potential?

If you, or someone you know would benefit from executive and life coaching, please give us a call.