We hear it all the time, our most valuable asset is our people.

But what do we do as leaders to support these words.

As great leaders, we need to continually review what we are asking of our people and focus on our behaviours to ensure we are maximising their full potential and fully utilising the talents they have on offer.

If we do not, we will find ourselves with a resource crisis

• Time, they say, is what each employee has to dedicate to productive work daily (that doesn’t include unnecessary time in meetings, excessive emails, or other bureaucratic processes).

Ask yourself, what are you forcing upon your people that distracts them from being productive adn adding value to their role and the company?

• Talent is what each worker brings to their job, and how that talent is led, teamed, and utilised is the difference between a Boss and a Leader.

Leaders have the ability to draw out the best in each of their people whilst giving them that little stretch to help them grow.

• The energy is how much each employee is prepared to invest in their work and contribute to the success of the company.

As a leader, we set the tone for our people. If we get it right our people invest heavily in their commitment to not only their leader, but their colleagues, stakeholders, and the Company as a whole.

Get it right and you and your team will soar and you will see, and feel the rewards for your great leadership approach.

It follows, that to deliver better quality outcomes, and more efficiently, we must minimise wasted time in unproductive activities and take a personal interest in our people to assist them in keeping focused.