Tips for working remotely

Working remotely may be one of the most challenging things we need to face in the current environment.

Here are some of the key challenges and tips for you and your team.
1. A Sense of Isolation
Without the social interaction of the normal workplace, it’s easy for workers to feel lonely.

Ensure you schedule regular online meetings and events to enable your people to feel part of a team.

2. A Lack of Personal Interaction
Workers need to be able to see you. It’s important because you both communicate with more than just your words.

3. A Disjointed Schedule
If everyone’s working remotely, that makes inter-office communication difficult and it may take longer for questions to be answered.

Be sure to schedule carefully-timed conference calls that address all your teams concerns and for decisions to be made.

4. Working from Home
Workers will need to find a space to work in.

Seems obvious, but there are bound to be dozens of distractions, especially in times when many families find themselves thrown together for days on end.

To read more on the topic, click the link below from Harvard Business Review

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