Here are some things you can do to maintain momentum and help your workers navigate through such a unique and difficult time.

1. Make daily check-ins a priority
This gives workers the chance to ask questions, get answers and raise any concerns.

You could use video conferences for daily check-ins and face-to-face meetings, email and text for quick messages, and one-on-one video calls for more sensitive issues.

2. Be supportive
Keep in touch and make sure your workers are coping, as the change to working remotely can be stressful and can take some getting used to.

3. Arrange virtual social events
Just as you used to facilitate events when you all worked at the office, use technology to bring workers together outside of normal hours, for office drinks, trivia nights and other social events to make the team feel engaged, but only if they show an interest to do so.

This enables the team to communicate with each other on a more casual level.