Tips for a Remote Workforce

Anybody working remotely for the first time may find themselves unable to cope in their new environment according to Harvard Business Review’s article A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers.

But what kinds of things might they have trouble dealing with?

1. A feeling of being left out
Without the social interaction of the normal workplace, it’s easy for workers to feel lonely.

They need to be able to connect to members of the team regularly to avoid feeling neglected or forgotten. This can be done with appropriate Online Team meetings not just to talk work but to share experiences

2. A lack of personal interaction
Nothing beats the opportunity to chat with your team face to face, albeit that face to face may be via technology. Seeing the person you are speaking with enables you to read body language and better engage with the person creating a win-win outcome.

A win for the manager because they can see and read the persons behaviour and a win for the employee because they feel a part of a wider community as they get to see their colleagues.

3. Slow decision making
If everyone’s working remotely, that makes inter-office communication difficult. Getting answers to questions that might have been as easy as walking down the corridor is no longer an option and the delay caused by email correspondence can cause employee frustration and disengagement.

It can also slow business progress with delayed decision making halting projects and outcomes unnecessarily.

Every worker is different, and the sudden change will affect them mentally and emotionally in different ways. Some will relish being able to work on their own, while others will miss the buzz of the office.

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