Remote Working – Opening the Talent Pool

Even before the pandemic, remote working was becoming a more popular option for the workforce as companies came to the realisation that either part time options or work flexibility was important to retaining their people.

However, after the outbreak of Covid-19, the practice became far more prevalent and continues to be a key factor to this day despite many countries and companies opening up to return to work.

Now, as we move past the restrictions implemented to curb the virus’ transmission, many employers are still relying on remote workers.

Forward-thinking companies have begun to use remote working as a means to access new talent pools. The pandemic proved that work could still be done effectively even as many aspects of life were shut down. Since then, there has been a bigger push towards fully remote or hybrid work as it offers a better work-life balance without noticeable declines in productivity.

In fact, what many companies found was a higher level of efficiency and an increase in loyalty and time allocated to working. This was largely due to the fact the worker could adjust their work routine to suit their lifestyle and due to the company’s trust, the worker gave more than needed to deliver a quality outcome.

Yes, I can hear you all saying but what about the people who do not apply themselves and take advantage of the work from home routine. This comes down to leadership, trust, respect and loyalty the leader instils in their people. If the right leader is in place then the team will excel.

If we have the trust in our people and can adjust to the new remote workforce, you will find a significantly different talent pool to select from and it may just assist your operation grow as the talent pool is no longer just local but global.

With better internet speeds, connectivity and remote working solutions in an increasingly digital world, it seems as though working remotely is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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