Distributor Workforce – Remote Working

The short but valuable Ted Talk from Matt Mullenweg, the owner of WordPress shares his views on his Distributor Workforce.

He uses the term Distributor Workforce as opposed to Remote Workforce as there is an underlying reference when using the term remote that people could be left out.

His top 5 tips are below.
1. Document everything so people have easy reference to what they need
2. Move communications to online enabling everyone to connect and be a part of the meeting
3. Ensure you find the right tools for your business. There are many to choose from. Do your due diligence and get what is right.
4. Create productive face to face time. Have a couple of high quality face to face events per year allowing people to network with their colleagues
5. Enable worker flexibility – let the workers set up their work stations the way that best suits their work routine

Please click the link below to watch Matt’s Ted Talk.

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