You do not need to look far to see the talent shortage many markets are facing in a continuing pandemic climate. From closed international borders and fluctuating state borders, the need for businesses to look to their current talent and their company’s bench strength is more important now than ever.

So how does a business identify and develop high-potential employees?

The impact of coaching in a business has the capacity to create a fundamental shift in the workplace which can increase employees’ self-confidence and making themselves and their teams more resilient and assertive.

The overall goal of coaching is to help the coachee establish and set their own goals, understand their key strengths and how to take advantage of those strengths and how to best approach their work for great outcomes whilst finishing the day feeling energises and satisfied.

3 key immediate outcomes from coaching include;
1. Being aware of their strengths
2. Wanting to improve their communication
3. Making immediate small changes to help them grow

When coaching is done well it helps the person see their full potential and motivates them to try new approaches and deliver better outcomes.