The Liberated Organisation

Liberating a workforce flows from the leaders of the company. If the leaders do not allow freedom or do not trust their people, it can only fail.

Below are a few leadership tips to consider.

  • Be the last to speak.

Your people won’t believe you trust their intelligence if you are always the one with the “best solution.”

  • Share the vision.

A shared vision is fundamental as it provides a common criterion for the teams to make their decisions. Qualified people don’t need to be told how to do their jobs, but they do need to know why they’re doing what they’re doing, so they can do it better.

  • Leaders sets the tone

The leader creates the climate in which their people will thrive. The role of the leader is to show trust and respect for their people and to remove the obstacles preventing teams from doing their best.

  • Ask your team what’s in their way.

If company policies, procedures, structure, or communication show signs of mistrust or limits their ability to deliver their best, have them recommend the changes to make it right.

  • Coach not manage.

When teams assume more responsibilities and make more decisions on their own, there is less demand on the leader to make these decisions.

They forego their position of formal authority and assume the role of coach and invest 70% of their time into the ongoing development of their people.

Your employees will enjoy their day more, increase their loyalty to the company and their leader and deliver their best every day, while the leaders spend their days revealing employee full potential.

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