Trust is an essential management tool in business and in any relationship. Building up trust within your organisation and employees is now more important than ever

Trust is imperative for your business to function. Employees need to trust in one another and in those that lead them. To be at their most effective, your team needs to be fully engaged in decisions impacting them and their work routine as to increase their commitment to achieving it.

We speak of Trust as something that comes easy but building or earning trust is a slow and difficult process that never ends.

As a leader, being trustworthy is about:

  • Earning respect from your people so they have confidence in you and your decisions.
  • Being dependable and doing what you say you will do.
  • Being approachable and friendly. As Rita Pearson once said, “People do not learn from or trust people they do not like”.
  • Coaching and supporting your people when they make mistakes.
  • Having the right balance between financial results and being considerate of your people’s feelings.
  • Learning to speak last and being respectful of your people’s ideas and perspectives.

The following link further expands the final point of “Be the Last to Speak” by Simon Sinek.