Over the past 18 months companies have had to adapt to new ways of doing things.

From working at home, using new technology, to new ways of operating at the workplace. Our people have been doing their best to deliver, but how well are you doing?

The truth is, it depends on how well you were doing before the sudden change and the quality of your leadership.

Businesses that had great leadership and were doing well prior to the sudden change continued to adapt and perform well. Those who were struggling prior to the sudden change are the ones that were most harshly hit and many, to the point where they shut their doors.

The key difference between the best and the rest is how successful they were at leading the change, their talent, and maintaining the energy of their workforce.

In order to be successful, we need to focus our attention and energy on outputs and not be input driven – ie, what is delivered in their time not how many hours they worked.

Adapting to change rapidly and with a dedicated and loyal workforce is the competitive advantage we need to strive for. The key is, quality leadership, highly talented leaders and workers alike, and ensuring the workplace has the right energy for success.

One core challenge has been to minimise wasted time and keep employees focused.

Working from home has freed up time previously spent commuting and created flexibility in work schedules, enabling many employees to devote additional time to their jobs.

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