If anything, the past 15 months have proved to us all both personally and professionally that we are very good at adapting rapidly.

From a personal point of view, this gives us the confidence, self belief, and inspiration to deliver better than we ever have. This however carries with it a consequence we did not dream of, our key stakeholders also noticed our ability to rapidly adapt and have taken note and will now be using this as their new benchmark moving forward.

Boards, CEO’s and Senior Managers all experienced first hand the significant benefits to the company when an engaged and inspired group of people adapt to the change and collaboratively set the new direction for the business, securing both job security and company profits.

Rapid adaptation would have to be the single largest cultural change factor impacting businesses globally in the past 50 years.

Cultural change is thought to be one of the hardest changes to implement within a company, yet any successful company will share that the past 18 months have proven this wrong.

There is one great risk all companies continue to face with regard to rapid adaptation, and that is that we do not document or record what went so well.

It is only the highly successful companies that will conduct a business review of the recent rapid change and document what the company’s core strengths to rapid change are and further developing their risks.

If adapting rapidly is to be the new comfortable norm, then one new skill all organisations must master is the ability to engage and inspire their people to deliver excellence in a rapidly changing environment under strong, honest and trustworthy leaders.