Knowledge and skills

The ability to develop fresh skills and gain new knowledge is a critical factor with the ever-changing times we have been facing and it applies to both leaders and employees.

Companies have always focused on the development of their people but have for far too long overlooked the importance of leadership development. It is the leader that sets the tone of the company and if there is a skills gap in leadership then the business and people will suffer.

With the current rate of change impacting companies across the globe, the focus must be on the ongoing and rapid development of leaders and employees alike.

The most significant of the factors impacting many companies is the new way of working, with many employees now working remotely and interacting virtually.

The more readily your business can adapt to the latest technology, the more productive it will be.

The difficulty with many companies is they do not fully understand what their skills gaps are and thus do not understand where to invest their development dollar.

Below are 5 simple questions to ask yourself;

  • What do we need to do that we do not do now?
  • What are our customers demanding of us that we are not delivering on?
  • What are our competitors doing that we are not?
  • What is the next innovation in our industry that we should lead in?
  • How do we keep our people‚Äôs minds and skills fresh and energetic?

To read more about this topic, click the link below by Eric Garton and Michael Mankins in their Harvard Business Review article.

The Pandemic Is Widening a Corporate Productivity Gap.

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