It’s a matter of Trust

In highly productive organisations, employees have capitalised on new technologies and work routines to stay connected with customers and co-workers. It is estimate that the best organisations have seen productive time increase by 5% or more.

But it all comes down to a matter of Trust.

Companies that trust their leaders and people increased their productivity significantly, where those companies that did not, suffered with meeting and email overload.

In research carried out by the Harvard Business School and New York University of over 3.1 million people found that time consumed in virtual meetings exploded.

Researchers found that the number of meetings increased during the pandemic by 12.9%, on average, and the number of attendees per meeting grew by 13.5%, all with little or no improvement as a result.

Poor leaders who have the strong desire to micro manage their people because they lack trust in them, and are more input focused, lead to a decrease in overall productivity rather than the desired improvement they were seeking. This is not the problem of the employee but of the leader.

You see where the leader creates an environment that lacks trust the people act and perform accordingly resulting in a work to rule mentality.

To get the best results, collaborate with your people, determine the right measures of success, ensure they have the skills and tools to perform, and then allow them the freedom to deliver.

When we show trust in our people, they will repay us with blood, sweat, and tears in an attempt to deliver excellence in all that they do.

The link below by Harvard Business School shares more detail.

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