― people with the ability to bring creativity and ingenuity to their work.

Companies that acquire and retain exceptional talent are 20% more productive than the rest due to the way they onboard, develop, collaborate, engage, and lead their people.

Remote work has increased this number due to the fact that your exceptional talent can engage virtually in a broader range of initiatives and teams than they could physically — multiplying the influence these individuals have on performance.

We all know that an engaged and inspired employee can generate upward of double the productivity of other workers, yet we do not focus our attention on this as a development need within an organisation.

Exceptional talent does not come from a hard skill set but from an employee who is offered the opportunity to express and deliver their best by the leaders within the company.

Most skills within an organisation can be taught and learnt but the right attitude, mindset, and cultural fit are things that can not be easily changed or developed.

Exceptional talent shines through in organisations where leadership is the priority and collaboration, trust, respect and co-operation rule supreme.

The simple fact is, an organisation that engages and inspires its employees, will deliver better results.