The law or policies are usually very clear on who can work from home.

This was all good and well up to Covid-19 but now things have changed.

Whether we like it or not, the policies we once had on working from home now need an urgent review. You see, when we allow most of our people to work from home because the company or law states, it goes to show that it can also be done at other times.

Is your business ready to accommodate the increase in requests and does your policy support the program and health and safety for your people?

Under the Fair Work Act (2009) in Australia (I am sure other acts would also apply in other countries), an employee with 12 months continuous service is eligible to make a request of their employer as long as they meet one of the following criteria;

  • They are a parent or care for children of school age.
  • They are a carer.
  • They have a disability
  • They are over 55 years of age
  • They are experiencing family violence

Rather than fighting against our people when the request comes in, leading organisations and leaders are being pro-active and developing polices that support the flexibility demonstrated during Covid19.

We now have a benchmark to compare to and for most organisations, business continued reasonably well when people were forced to work from home.

If you would like support with your policies, please feel free to contact us here at RdL.