There is no doubt 2020 is a different year, whether it be fires, floods, competition, staff attendance or Covid19. As leaders, we need to manage and lead through the crisis to drive success for ourselves, our people and our company.

We often fall into the trap of jumping into action too quickly without taking a step back to think and assess what is happening and the impact it can have on us.

To successfully lead out of the crisis, we need to stop our minds from immediate action, slow down, gather our thoughts and develop a balanced approach to recovery.

Don’t push too hard or too fast. People are nervous and scared and as a leader we need to provide guidance and security for our people.

Develop what RdL calls the Strategic Ladder. What could the worst case scenario be and what course of action would you take? What could the best case scenario be and what course of action would you take? When you take the time to think through the options and outcomes you can then develop the right strategy to ensure success for you and your team.

It is leaders who have Vision, Clarity and Purpose that will have dedicated and loyal employees.

Please enjoy the attached video on leadership through crisis