Performance reviews have traditionally been a once a year or if lucky, a twice a year event that assisted in determining the employees annual pay rise, where applicable. This process has always been seen as being highly formal and scared both the employee and manager.

This old style of managing performance was more of a bottleneck for growth rather than an enabler.

With the ever increasing demand for autonomous roles within company’s, this old style of managing a person’s performance is failing. With the change in expectations of our people and wanting them to solve their own problems and make innovative decisions that help the company, we need to change the way we manage their performance.

With the shift in expectations there needs to be a shift in how we manage our people’s performance. Successful companies are realising the value and importance of regular 1 on 1’s. By regular I am saying they meet weekly or bi weekly to discuss progress, coach as necessary and encourage and create an environment where the employee feels safe and makes decisions and takes ‘safe’ risks in line with their experience.

This regular 1 on 1 form of managing performance is freeing up human assets and maximising the full potential of their employees, something we are all aiming for.