10 letters and 4 simple words but together they have a huge potential to build your team, staff retention and company results.

The core role of a leader is to take the time out to speak with their people and ask them how they are doing.

RdL recently partnered with the new CEO of a large medical facility. Together we took an approach of asking how people are and what do they need to provide better services to their patients and staff rather than coming in with our own views on what needed to change.

At first the staff were nervous and unsure of the approach, that is of course until they realised that the CEO wanted to help the employees and patients have a better experience.

Together RdL and the CEO listened to what was shared and then worked tirelessly towards implementing and enabling the suggestions to make it right for all.

Rapidly the workplace culture and open sharing of ideas became the norm, this resulting in ongoing and increased productivity and patient satisfaction.

Yes of course not all suggestions were possible due to cost implications, but rather than saying “No”, we asked the staff for how we could achieve the same result in a more cost effective way, something they accepted and then went on to seek a different solution.

The facility went on to increase its patient and staff satisfaction results and is fast becoming a unified workplace all working to one common goal, happy, healthy patients.