Staff retention, or better said, the retention of the staff you want to keep, continues to be a challenge in 2019.

The ongoing challenge of finding the right person that can assist you in growing your business whilst ensuring they are a great culture fit will forever be a challenge in business.

That said, we do not need to see this as the elephant in the room. We often overlook the value and simplicity of having regular communication with our people and asking them what we could do differently to make their job, and the company better than it is today.

We under estimate the value and knowledge our people have in assisting us in improving our business operations.

One recent CEO I partnered with had a real simple approach to this, he simply walks the floor asking each and every person who faces a work challenge, “What can I do to assist you in fixing it”.

The results from this approach have significantly improved workplace culture, relationships at all levels, and most importantly, the revenue continues to grow while the operational efficiencies improve.