For many years we have tried to force policies, procedures and change into our people and it often ends up being stressful and unproductive for all involved.

A new and fresh approach to change and innovation is through Gamification. Gamification is making change and activity fun for all those involved.

An interesting way to encourage engagement and participation in initiatives is to turn it into a game. Gamification can bring light-hearted competition and rewards to all sorts of tasks, especially work that is essential yet mundane.

For those of you who have a passion for this, Gabe Zicherman, who wrote the book “The Gamification Revolution” explained the concept this way.

“It’s about figuring out ways to create alignment with incentives and motivation. You increase productivity and performance and you can attract a higher-quality employee …” (HR

According to Zicherman, material rewards aren’t as important to successful gamification at work as much as employee recognition. Turning work into a game creates something new that ignites the reward centre of the brain and subconsciously encourages people to achieve.

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