If we want our business to be a success, we must put the people first.

Yes, we have all heard this for many years but how many actually believe in and action what they hear?

Some of the most successful organisations focus on their people in 2 key areas.

Firstly, do we have a good performance management system that supports innovation and growth? Managing people’s performance is not a once or twice a year task that must be done. We need to treat performance management as part of our core responsibilities and provide clear and open direction, coaching and feedback to our people on a daily/weekly basis. It does not have to be formal or structured but it does have to happen.

Secondly, do we enable our people the freedom to take control and make a real difference to the company? If we want success we need to understand that unless we unleash the full potential of our people, we will not grow from where we are. As we have all heard, “Great leaders create future leaders” and we can not do this unless we give people the opportunity to stretch their wings, take calculated risks and learn to grow and develop under our guidance.

Our role as leaders is to support, encourage and coach our people to grow and be as successful as they can be and in turn you will grow as a leader, mentor and inspiration for the future leaders you create.