The tradition has always been to conduct training, coaching and support programs in-house as it was more cost effective. However, the question has always been – “Do you get the same added benefit and significant impact from in-house providers as you can from external providers?”

This is not to say that many companies are not great at in-house training and coaching, and there is great value in working in the same environment as your coach or mentor. However, it’s often difficult to be objective when you are seeing the same people and situations every day. Your perception gets clouded and it becomes hard to be impartial around team and business challenges or feedback.

A recent project for RdL has seen the company used as an outsourced provider assisting the client with strategic planning and developing robust, challenging yet achievable annual operating plans.

Having an independent outsider partner with the management team helps gain clarity, encourages a different set of thinking parameters and if you select your outsider correctly, will have the courage to challenge the individuals to strive for difference whilst ensuring they still feel safe within the organisation.