In business we often hear about staff motivation and the pressures on management to improve staff motivation and staff turnover.

We have always heard that we can not directly motivate people but need to create the right environment for them to motivate themselves.

With this, we have always worked on trying to create the right environment, ensure we hire the right people, looked at teams and many other aspects, but the reality is we may have been doing this all wrong and missed one critical yet basic step.

Before we start the process of spending money to create the right environment we need to make sure the jobs we want our people to perform are right.

So, what does right mean? Right means we have the right job that will allow for stretch, variety, interest, innovation and freedom to add their own level of personality into the role. We need to shift away on only focusing on company figures and results and think about as a good leader we can achieve these results through the efforts of engaged and motivated employees.

This may be a big shift for many leaders but the reality is if we continue to drive figures as the core focus on the business we will have short term success that performs when we micro manager but will slip when we try to step back as a leader.

As a great leader we need to spend 70% of our time coaching, leading and assisting our people to grow leading to the growth of trust and respect.

Match the job we need in the business to the capability of the person, enable some element of freedom and what the remarkable results start to flow.

Leaders create future leaders, not robots.

What can you be doing differently to align your teams jobs to their capability and inspire a new passion for their role, their company and their leader?